Reduce downtime, disruptions & equipment failure with expert maintenance &
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Discover our extensive Disaster Recovery services to prepare, prevent and reduce the impact of data loss.


Why a disaster recovery strategy is essential for your business.

Generating, collecting and storing data is at the core of all business activity, yet many companies do not prioritise protecting their data. A robust disaster recovery plan is essential to prepare, prevent and reduce the impact of data loss.

Simple backups are no longer adequate to ensure your business survival in the event of ransomware attacks, natural disasters, equipment failure or human error.

Benefits of professional disaster recovery service

Hardware failures cause 45% of total unplanned downtime

Work with the CyberBITS team to reduce the unnecessary cost of downtime.

93% of companies who suffer a major data disaster are out of business within one year

Take back control and protect your business with a robust disaster recovery service.

An hour of downtime costs £6,038 for a small company

Ensure business continuity with a professional service designed to avoid any unexpected costs.

Our services.

CyberBITS provides a full business continutiy solution which aims to address the threat of potential disruptions to your business activities or processes. 

CyberBIT’s ALTO product is a business continuity solution that provides an enterprise-grade backup function for small businesses, it’s cost-effective but includes all of the features needed to meet all business continuity and disaster recovery requirements.

ALTO is an all-in-one solution that includes verified backups, restore options for any scenario, instant virtualisation, and ransomware protection.  ALTO helps to recover granular data quickly from multiple points, as well as using Instant Virtualisation from the cloud to find lost server data and get your business back up to speed as soon as possible.

CyberBITS SIRIS the first all in one total data protection solution built to efficiently prevent data loss and minimise downtime. Backup and restore critical business data. Keep your business running during a disaster, locally or from the cloud.

SIRIS is built to ensure that your business is always on and resilient to disasters. This all in one solution includes verified backups, restore options, instant virtualisation and ransomware protection that is all backed up in the cloud.

Onsite servers and critical computers are backed up with ease using the latest products available in the market.  MSP360 allows us to backup your critical data and restore with ease should the worse happen.  

Often, if businesses backup at all, it’s usually just once per day and normally at night.  Should you be hit by ransomware towards the end of the day and before your next backup, you would only be able to recover to the previous evening and would lose the entire days’ worth of work. 

With CyberBITS and MSP360 we can tailor a backup solution to meet your needs and can backup as often as every hour, meaning less work lost should you need to recover.  1TB of data is included as part of your service for businesses of 10 staff or more. 

If you need more than that, we only charge £10 per TB per month.

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