Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

CyberBITS Business IT Solutions provide Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions to a whole range of clients. Most businesses have experienced some sort of downtime in recent years due to exposure to Ransomware or equipment failure. Should you find yourself in the situation where your business has been threatened, experienced a disaster or an equipment failure. CyberBITS offer full Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery solutions to make sure our clients remain operational through challenging times.

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Business Continuity Solutions

At CyberBITS we provide a full Business Continuity Solution which aims to address the threat of potential disruptions to your business activities or processes. Simple backups are no longer enough to ensure your business can keep running in the event of ransomware attacks, natural disasters, equipment failure or human error.  If disaster strikes how will you ensure that your technology has enough flexibility, redundancy and resilience to protect your data while remaining simple to set up, use and recover.  Our solutions involve making and validating business continuity plans to ensure that you can respond to and recover from any potential breaches or threats as effectively as possible.

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Disaster Recovery Services

Here at CyberBITS our Disaster Recovery solutions help to ensure that in the event of a threat to your business, we can ensure that your critical business information is recovered quickly and efficiently, helping to minimise downtime and keep your business up and running. Companies can’t count on unreliable, outdated backup methods that take too long to restore files and have a high risk of losing data to corruption. As a business ourselves we understand that disasters happen, and in most cases when you least expect it or need it, this is why we offer a full Disaster Recovery service to all our customers.

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When it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery, make sure you call CyberBITS today. We have been providing businesses with the best IT solutions for their needs and we tailor our services around our clients. For more information or to discuss business continuity and disaster recovery, be sure to get in touch with us today.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions from CyberBITS

At CyberBITS we provide a range of services to clients who have been attacked or have suffered an equipment failure, some of the products we offer include:

Datto ALTO

Datto’s ALTO product is a business continuity solution that provides an enterprise-grade backup function for small businesses, it’s cost-effective but includes all of the features needed to meet all business continuity and disaster recovery requirements. Datto ALTO is an all-in-one solution that includes verified backups, restore options for any scenario, instant virtualisation, and ransomware protection.  ALTO helps to recover granular data quickly from multiple points, as well as using Instant Virtualisation from the Datto Cloud to find lost server data and get your business back up to speed as soon as possible.


Datto’s SIRIS the first all in one total data protection solution built to efficiently prevent data loss and minimise downtime. Backup and restore critical business data. Keep your business running during a disaster, locally or from the Datto cloud. SIRIS is built to ensure that your business is always on and resilient to disasters. This all in one solution includes verified backups, restore options, instant virtualisation and ransomware protection that is all backed up in Datto’s Cloud.

Datto Cloud Continuity for PC’s

Datto’s Cloud Continuity for PC’s takes a full image backup of your PC as often as every 2 hours. If your PC was to become infected with Ransomware or a Virus, we can easily restore it to a point in time before the infection took place. If your PC hardware was to fail beyond repair, we can also completely recover your old PC onto new Hardware to reduce the amount of time it takes to setup a new computer.

There is even an option to run your PC in a virtual environment so that you have access to a working machine via an Internet Browser while we repair or replace your PC.

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Why Choose Cyberbits for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery?

CyberBITS Business IT Solutions have been providing business continuity and disaster recovery services to our clients for a number of years. At CyberBITS, our professionals are dedicated to ensuring the best all-round business continuity and disaster recovery system is provided. Here are just some of the reasons you should choose us:

  • Well-known and respected reputation across the areas 
  • Free consultations on business continuity and disaster recovery 
  • All of our solutions are bespoke to suit your needs and budget 
  • Years of experience in the IT industry 
  • Dedicated team on hand to provide support whenever you need it 
  • CyberBITS is backed up by Datto’s extensive 24/7 Technical Support team. 


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