Case Study Churchill Groves


Churchill Groves have kindly provided us the below Case Study.  They are a Staffordshire based chartered accountancy firm, which was formed by the merging of Churchills Chartered Accountants and Groves & Co. Once specialising in the music industry, the firm have now branched into a diverse range of business sectors and work with business types anywhere from
start-ups and SMBs to enterprise companies.

Challenges and Opportunities

Churchill Groves previously had a disjointed IT set-up, which was causing a lot of inconvenience and wasted time. The management of their IT was fragmented, with different parts owned by different people, and the company wasn’t sure who to talk to about what. Access was also difficult and the cause of much frustration. Some employees couldn’t access the business’ Sage accounting applications, because they were assigned to different desktops.
It became clear to the senior leadership team that it was time to unify their IT and have a central, secure hub for their data and applications.

The Solution Provided by CyberBITS

CyberBITS visited the company and showed them the type of complete solution that was available. With easy set-up, managed completely by CyberBITS, it was a simple decision for the established accountants. CyberBITS first moved Churchill Groves onto a M365 Business Premium subscription to unify their working processes and ensure flexibility and increased productivity. CyberBITS then migrated their data and files to SharePoint, to act as a central, online hub which could be accessed by anyone, anywhere, at any time. Finally they consolidated all of Churchill Groves Sage applications onto a single server for unity and accessibility.

“Accessible, reliable and transparent are the perfect words to describe CyberBITS and the
Customer service that they provide us with”

Ian Brown – Co-founder Churchill Groves

Unbeatable benefits with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 unites businesses and employees using an integrated platform. Microsoft 365 Business Premium is designed for SMBs, with fewer than 300 users, and who need a solution that provides best-in-class productivity and collaboration capabilities, device management and security solutions.

Integrated, dependable solution
Who needs technical hassle? Customers can be confident that everything will work smoothly together and their important files and records will always be here.

Predictable Pricing
Subscription-based pricing gives companies a predictable total cost of ownership on a per employee, per month basis. It also shifts capital costs to operating expenses so they don’t have to put server hardware on the balance sheet.

Consistent deployment
Thanks to Windows Autopilot, users can self-provision machines when they turn them on, installing everything they need from the beginning. That means consistent installations and no configuration errors.

Secure Operations
Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security secures the endpoints that employees use to communicate and collaborate, and gives companies the confidence to empower their workforce.

There’s always someone to speak to at CyberBITS if there is a problem, and we can trust them completely. 100% peace of mind”

Ian Brown – Co-founder Churchill Groves