GDPR Technical Checklist

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GDPR Technical Checklist

Oh no! Not another GDPR post! Yes, I’m afraid it is, but one that takes a more technical view. Some customers we have worked with at CyberBITS recently think GDPR is just about processes and how you manage and store personal data of EU Citizens. On top of this there are minimum expected technical requirements that some businesses didn’t know about.

Take this simple test to see how well you’re managing your IT.

 I have a Firewall Installed.
 My Firewall is monitored.
 I know how my Firewall is configured.
 I have purchased AntiVirus.
 I know for certain AntiVirus is operational on every PC or Server on my Network.
 I get alerted when a virus is found on anyone’s PC in the office.
 My Wireless Password is secure.
 My Guest Wireless Network is on a different network to my PC’s and Servers.
 I make sure my client data is backed up every night.
 My staff are locked down from accessing the Internet in their own time.

How many boxes were you able to tick? I would say if you can honestly tick anything higher than 7, you’re in good shape. Although we can still help you get closer to 10 without spending a great deal of money. For anyone struggling to hit 5 please reach out to us at CyberBITS, we will take an honest review of where you currently are and how we can help improve the security of your IT Systems.

At CyberBITS we focus on getting the basics covered so you don’t have to worry. Get in touch with one of our experts today and see just how well you’re doing on your own.

For more information, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has an excellent Cyber Security Guide for Small Businesses.

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