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Why cyber security is essential for your business.

Cyber security is a growing problem with increasing complexity. With the growth of cloud services, use of smartphones and the Internet of Things (IoT) areas of vulnerability are expanding rapidly.

Benefits of professional cyber security

36 billion records stolen per year

Cyber crimes are increasing year on year as companies reliance on technology grows.

Cyber crime costs £2.9m every minute

Avoid any unexpected costs with CyberBITS comprehensive Cyber Security packages.

Average of 280 days to resolve

The cost of an attack can be long lasting and damaging to your companies reputation.

Cyber attacks increasing 368% per year

With the number of attacks increasing rapidly it has never been more important to have professional Cyber Security.

Our services.

We offer a wide range of security solutions to provide you with the peace of mind that your business is protected and compliant.

CyberBITS SPAM – Email filtering including Advanced Threat Protection which filters out malicious attachments and or links to dangerous websites.

Opening an attachment or following a link in an email from someone you don’t know is one of the most common forms of attack. Sometimes, you may even think you know the sender.

CyberBITS SPAM quarantines potentially harmful messages and re-writes all links in emails so that if they are clicked, they are checked first before taking you to the relevant website, or blocking you if it is dangerous.

CyberBITS PHISH – For those emails that either slip through the net or are more targeted attacks.

Emails go through a series of checks to give an overall risk score. This then presents as information in Outlook for your staff to consider before considering the email legitimate.

Not only does it prevent the bad stuff that makes it through our filters but it also educates staff on how best to treatthe email.

CyberBITS PROTECT – Endpoint protection that guards your computers from the latest viruses circulating the internet.

Using advanced analytics and heuristic scanning methods CyberBITS AV looks at key properties of an executed file to see if it could be potentially malicious.

CyberBITS SAFEWEB – Ever clicked a link while on the internet and thought

“I shouldn’t have clicked that!”.

Fear no more, CyberBITS SECUREWEB stops you from getting to bad sites be that a security risk or something you just don’t want staff looking at while at work. We use a standard set of categories and protect your staff from harmful web content.

The products we use have staff all over the globe analysing websites to make sure they’re added to the right category to be either allowed
or blocked.

CyberBITS REMOTE – Our Remote Management utility allows us to monitor the health of your technology.

We can use sophisticated triggers and remediation to fix common problems before they become a big problem.

We monitor the software on your computer for updates and apply them as soon as they are available. By tracking updates we can quickly identify if a software update has caused a particular problem and take action to fix it.

CyberBITS VAULT – Every business now needs a Password Manager. The average person has to remember between 70-90 account passwords. Businesses need to remember much more.

Those passwords need to be unique, otherwise once someone can guess one password they can guess the rest and access all of your online data.

Password Managers store complex passwords of around 20
characters in length and use a mix of letters, numbers and symbols so that they can’t easily be guessed. When logging onto your accounts they can also populate the Sign-in fields for you so that you don’t even have to worry about it.

The only thing you need to remember is one password to access CyberBITS VAULT.

Any Record can be shared with multiple team members so if someone is off sick or on holiday the business can still function.

CyberBITS AUTH – All accounts provided by CyberBITS have Multi-factor Authentication enabled and enforced. Multi-factor Authentication provides an extra step in protecting your online accounts.

When triggered you will wither receive a notification on your smartphone to Approve or Deny the logon request, or you will need to enter a random code sent to your phone.

With CyberBITS VAULT you can even embed the codes into the Records which can be used at Login time.

CyberBITS 365SOC – Our 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre monitors the security of your Microsoft 365 Tenant. Many organisations look to protect the outside from getting in.

Not as many think about protecting the inside from getting out.

Is Dave from Accounts logging on over the weekend to fudge the books?

Maybe your new hire has been planted in your business to pass
confidential information on a high profile case to a competitor or the opposition.

Our Security Team will alert us when they see unusual login attempts or data access that you can use to then investigate further.

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