The working world as we know it has changed. Few employees now work full-time at an office desk and instead operating more flexibly; from home or on the go. For businesses whose employees are splitting their time between office and remote working; the need for a more flexible communication system has arisen. Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a cloud-based phone system to enable seamless flexible working. It enables users to make, receive, and transfer calls to and from landlines and mobile phones in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft identified a feature gap within its incredibly popular collaboration hub Teams; calling functionality. The ability for Teams users to make and receive calls at the click of a mouse was the missing piece of the puzzle. But exactly why is Microsoft 365 Business Voice the answer?

  • Seamless integration

Business Voice can easily be added on to Microsoft 365’s Business Basic and Standard SKUs and is available to business with 300 users or less.

  • Simplicity

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is so simple; it’s not another application to learn or login to, it is simply the (until now) redundant ‘Calls’ tab within Microsoft Teams. No need to go through heavy set-up or manual install; once added on to an existing plan, Business Voice completes Teams to offer an integrated collaboration experience. Little to no training is required for users who already have teams and Business Voice is already synced to your Outlook contacts.

Microsoft Teams Phone System Contacts

  • More professional

Microsoft 365 Business Voice enables users to keep their work phone number when away from their desks. When the lockdown first occurred in March, many customer-facing employees resorted to giving out personal numbers, just so they could keep in contact. Business Voice helps employees remain professional and reachable during working hours.

Why is Business Voice to vital for remote workers?

Remote working is now essential for most businesses due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Microsoft 365 Business Voice enables small businesses to stay connected through their single existing phone number across their computer, mobile device and desk phone. Users have a consistent experience across devices with the Microsoft Teams app. Transitioning to remote working may seem daunting to some office-based companies but with Teams and Business Voice, business-as-usual is easy to achieve.

Microsoft Teams Phone Call in Progress

For those responsible for managing Microsoft accounts for your business, they can enjoy simplified setup, billing and management; it uses the same interface used to manage Microsoft 365. You can add users and phone numbers in seconds and enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based phone system without having to run a PBX.

What about if you’re already tied into a phone contract?

Changing phone systems is not a decision you may be able to make overnight. If you are tied into an existing contract for a PBX or a trunk there is a simple solution; we can use Call2Teams to connect your current configuration up to Teams in as little as few minutes.


Call CyberBITS today for advice on how you can implement Business Voice to light up Microsoft Teams for your business. We can support you in the simple set-up and adoption process and help you get the most out of your Microsoft solution.