Which Password Manager Should I Use?  Password Managers offer advanced security over writing them on a piece of paper or worse, using the same password for each account.

CyberBITS are pleased to announce a new partnership with Keeper Security Password Manager.  A strong password is the best form of defence against hackers.

According to a survey conducted by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in April 2019,

  • 80% of us Brits say Cyber Security is a High Priority
  • Just 21% use Password Managers
  • Only 35% of respondents admitted to enabling two Factor Authentication on their main Email account

Online auction house, eBay suffered a breach in 2014 that exposed the credentials for virtually every registered account.  Those that reused their eBay password for their Online Banking, PayPal, Email etc. left them exposed by just one breach.

Keeper Security Password Manager helps deal with this by setting complex passwords for each online account and stores them in an encrypted Vault.  The Browser Extension logs into a website for you, without even needing to see the password.  Keeper also have a Desktop App for MacOS and Windows that allows you to login to apps running on your computer.  Each record can store Multi Factor Authentication codes, which will automatically be inserted at logon.


Another advantage of Keeper Security is BreachWatch.  BreachWatch is available to Business and Enterprise Plus users and monitors the internet and dark web for breached accounts matching records stored within your Keeper Vault.  Keeper can then guide you through changing your password and keeps track of resolution history.

Shared Accounts

With Keeper, Businesses can control who has access to passwords for shared accounts.  You can also restrict people from seeing those passwords or making changes to them.  As an Admin you will also have full visibility on who is using your Shared Accounts.  When an employee leaves, you can choose to transfer their Vault to you in order to maintain access to their accounts.

Check out the Video for Keeper below.


Keeper Password Manager Business is included for Advanced and Peace of Mind customers.  Cyber Essentials customers can get Keeper Password Manager for an additional £4 per user per month.

BreachWatch is an optional extra at £3 per user per month.

Please contact your Virtual IT Director for more information.

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