If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that it pays to be flexible.  With a little ingenuity and agility, being able to work from anywhere has allowed many businesses to carry on as normal throughout a pandemic.  Even those businesses that were previously sceptical of allowing staff to work from home are now, understandably, converts.

With more staff discovering life outside the commute and of the constraints of the office, we explore the possibilities of Work from Anywhere.

Stay Secure with Virtual Desktops

Windows Virtual Desktops (aka WVD) is a secure and consistent way of ensuring staff can access their work from anywhere.  They can connect with any device, even a tablet and open a familiar Windows Desktop that gives them full access to their data.  This allows them to fully collaborate with fellow team members and interact with files in the same way.  No more having to supply staff with their own dedicated computer and the hassle of securing it.  Staff simply login to a secure portal and open their Desktop.  This feature is even included with Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

Move to the Cloud

Moving fully to the cloud is much easier than you think.  Most businesses are able to move all of their client files and data to SharePoint online very easily.  By embracing Windows Virtual Desktops staff can access all of their data in one secure location.

Maybe you have dedicated business applications that are not available in the cloud by the vendor.  Maybe you have business critical databases that rely on local services. Our amazing pre-sales team can put together a document detailing how, where and when we can do this.  You will receive a fully calculated, accurate costing for your cloud setup.

Stay Connected with Dedicated Broadband

It’s all well and good having your work computer in the dining room or the bedroom connected to your home Wifi.  (Check out our Blog on the best room to work from home.)  However in a busy household you are constantly fighting for bandwidth with the rest of the family.  Kids playing on the Xbox, people streaming the latest shows on Netflix.  All while you’re trying to have a Teams call with your boss, or worse, a customer!

Home internet services are great but they’re not connected to the right backbone to be able to support all of this traffic.  They rarely achieve the bandwidth as stated by your provider.  With a separate Business Broadband from our partner NXComs the family can do whatever they like at home, while you stay connected with your own dedicated connection.  There are some circumstances where this is not feasible.  But there is nothing stopping us from supplying you with a 4G Router.  Then you can work from literally anywhere!

How can CyberBITS help?

CyberBITS can guide your business through the full transition from a fixed physical infrastructure to a fully flexible environment.

Staff will benefit from better productivity and increased satisfaction with their work.

Businesses benefit from improved profitability by downsizing their office space.  They also improve staff retention, 54% of people would move to a job that is more flexible.

Speak to us today to see how we can take improve your business with Work from Anywhere Solutions.