About Us

"Does your IT Provider have Corporate IT Experience?"

I started CyberBITS out of a passion for IT and doing things right.  During my twenty years climbing the corporate ladder in IT Departments for well known brands I suddenly decided to step off that ladder and take a look around!

I started working with a local business who is still very much a fantastic customer today.  When I started looking at their IT it seemed that the whole thing was installed in a rush and hadn’t been cared for in such a long time.  Servers were running old firmware and they hadn’t been patched for at least 3 years.  The very reason I started working with them is because they called me to say they had suffered a CyberAttack.

Sure enough they had been hit by Ransomware!  Luckily my predecessors did have some foresight and were backing up their data but it was all remote.  After 4 days of being offline we managed to get them working again.  However they had lost so much time not only did they have to play catch up after being offline for 4 days, but their restored data was also a day behind due to the backups being run the night before the attack!

They estimated that due to lost manhours this one breach cost them £25,000.  We believe this figure is more likely double that once you factor in the loss of productivity in the weeks following.  Catching up takes a lot longer than you think when your business has been offline for a working week!

CyberBITS have worked with a number of customers during our time in business.  We have seen some of the mess left behind from previous IT Support companies.  The first question I would ask your existing IT provider is,

“Do you have any Corporate Experience?”

A lot of the IT businesses around were started by people who just left school and knew about computers.  IT in the Corporate world is so much more involved and different than most people realise.  IT Departments have much more money invested in their own personal skills and are kept current all of the time.  IT is a constantly moving target and you have keep up with the current developments.

That said, IT isn’t difficult and it shouldn’t be.  It’s as easy as going to the PUB.

Protect your computers with good security.  This should be a layered approach as one product on it’s own cannot stop everything.

Update your Operating Systems and Software to ensure all discovered vulnerabilities are sealed off.

Backup, Backup and Backup again.  Make sure you have a local backup for quick recovery in case of a problem.  Make sure that local backup is backed up to the Cloud in case you suffer a fire or flood and your equipment is lost.  Please don’t forget to backup your Office 365 or G Suite environment.

If you need any help with any of this, please get in touch with CyberBITS today and we can sort everything out for you.  You can then get on with more important things without worrying about your IT!